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A World Without Tomorrow (明日なき世界 Ashita Naki Sekai) is the eighteenth episode of Ultraman R/B.


Famed alien director, Mefilas, from the broadcasting station NPTV, is looking to revamp his show about space exploration. He too hears Saki Mitsurugi’s declaration to bomb the Earth in order to destroy the rebirth of the Great Creature Leugocyte! He plans to capture the tragedy the Earth is experiencing by focusing his attention on “the most famous person in the universe”, Ushio Minato! Just then, the alien Mefilas extends his hand towards Asahi…



R/B Crystal Navi

  • Katsumi & Isami: R/B Crystal Navi!
  • Isami: We are going to be studying R/B Crystals now Katsumi!
  • Katsumi: Yeah. Today's crystal...is this!
  • Gyro: Red King!
  • Isami: Skull monster Red King! Height: 40 Meters. Weight: 20,000 Tons. A monster that prides itself on brute force. That power even let it handle Katsumi's hardball with ease.
  • Katsumi & Isami: Be sure to watch next time!


Guest Cast

  • Alien Mefilas (メフィラス星人 Mefirasu Seijin): Takehiko Yamaguchi (山口 岳彦 Yamaguchi Takehiko)
  • Alien Zarab (ザラブ星人 Zarabu Seijin): Kazuki Takeuchi (竹内 一希 Takeuchi Kazuki)
  • Alien Chibull (チブル星人 Chibullru Seijin voice): Ryuzou Ishino (石野 竜三 Ishino Ryūzō)
  • Alien Pitt (ピット星人 Pitto Seijin voice): Haruna Terada (寺田 晴名 Terada Haruna)
  • Alien Chibull (チブル星人 Chibullru Seijin voice): Holly Kaneko (金子 はりい Kaneko Harii)
  • Alien Nackle (ナックル星人 Chibullru Seijin voice): Tetsuo Kishi (岸 哲生 Kishi Tetsuo)
  • Dada (ダダ Dada voice): Koichi Toshima (外島 孝一 Toshima Kōichi)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Rosso: Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田 栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi)
  • Ultraman Blu: Satoru Okabe (岡部 暁 Okabe Satoru)
  • Alien Zarab: TBA
  • Alien Mefilas: TBA
  • Alien Chibull: TBA
  • Alien Pitt: TBA
  • Dada: TBA
  • Alien Nackle: TBA


Ultra Warriors


Easter Eggs

  • The camera used by Zarab and Mefilas is designed based on the original Alien Zarab's translator device.
  • The Dada interviewed by the alien duo said that Ushio was like "an Ultra father".
  • There is a poster that advertises "Color Timer 3 Minute Cooking" (カラータイマー3分クッキング Karā Taimā Sanbu Kukkingu), which is a reference to the Color Timer and the 3-minute rule that Ultras run on. Booska is either the host or mascot of this program, as seen on the poster.
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