A Power That Shouldn't Be On This Earth (この地球にあってはならない力 Kono Chikyū ni Atte wa Naranai Chikara) is the very first episode of ULTRAMAN.


Decades since he last merged with Ultraman, Shin Hayata learns of a new threat to Earth. His son, Shinjiro, also shows signs of superhuman strength.


The episode begins with the narration about how the Giant of Light, Ultraman, merged with a human named Shin Hayata from which the two fought together to protect the world from threats before the former eventually left with his mission completed, but leaving his host losing all memories of their fight together. Although the conflict among mankind still remains, humanity is no longer threatened by outside force. Nevertheless, Ultraman's presence left a lasting impact on everyone on the planet, particularly in Shin and his son.

Sometimes in the future, during the father and son's visit at the old SSSP base, which was now repurposed into the Giant of Light Memorial, Shin found himself no longer able to doubt the fact that his son was not normal: While he and his former colleague Ide were distracted by someone who came up to the former asking for an autograph, the discovered that Shinjiro fell several floors while trying to reach a Jet VTOL diorama only to find him miraculously unharmed. After bringing the slightly traumatized Shinjiro home and frustrated over his memory loss, Shin decided to seek consolation from Ide at SSSP base. It is then Shin revealed that he shared his son's anomaly (albeit in smaller scale) when he inadvertently shatters the side of a stairway with his fists in his frustration, though Ide is not surpriaed by this. Instead, he revealed that the SSSP never really disbanded, and that new alien threats were arriving. Ide then showed him the video of a supposed terror attack on a plane 6 months prior allegedly caused by a mysterious figure clad in Ultraman-like armor. The sight of the figure caused Shin's memories of Ultraman to return.




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