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A New Power is the first episode of Ultra Zero Fight.


Part Plot
1 In the Monster Graveyard, Zero fights against a quartet of revived monsters using his Mode Changes. Alien Bat Gurashie introduced himself as the mastermind of the incident and unveils another quartet of revived monsters, the Four Beast Warriors of Hell. Zero jumps and dashes to his opponent.
2 Unfortunately, he falls into a trap that imprisons him in an armor. Despite its identical appearance, Gurashie reveals that this Tector Gear is made up of the deceased monsters' grudges and they hamper every bit of Zero's efforts to retaliate against EX Red King. As Zero fell down, a figure watches from afar.
3 The figure is in fact Pigmon, a small creature that Gurashie accidentally revived and has EX Red King to execute it on the spot. Despite being at a disadvantage, Zero protected Pigmon and Gurashie's inability to understand the means to protect has the Ultra burst from Tector Gear as Strong-Corona Zero, using this form to destroy EX Red King. Unfortunately, Galberos' head appears out of nowhere and transported Zero to elsewhere. He awakens from a dream after asking Dyna and Cosmos of his new powers and discovers Pigmon, now in the same size as him.
4 Zero answers Pigmon's question of his presence in the Monster Graveyard: after his encounter with Dyna and Cosmos, part of their power remains within him. He wonders the purpose of it in the Monster Graveyard, the same place where he found the actual means of being an Ultraman. Gurashie appears out of nowhere, scoffing Zero's idealism as he would use it for his own likeness and introduces a doppelganger of Strong-Corona Zero as the opponent. Zero ends the fight by kicking one of his Zero Sluggers.
5 The Strong-Corona doppelganger returns alongside Luna-Miracle, but Zero relies on his instinct by slicing on his back, which revealed to be Galberos casting all the illusions. Now returned to reality, Zero fights against Bemstar and Gan-Q, assuming Luna-Miracle once seeing their ability to redirect attacks via each-others.
6 He exploits their ability by tearing them from within. Unfortunately killing all of them is what Gurashie was after, as he absorbed their spiritual grudges to become giant and personally deals with the Ultra.
7 Gurashie unveils his final trick by revealing that killing him will also ensuring the death of said Pigmon. The little creature reassured Zero, and the Ultra in turn splits into his Mode Changes.
8 By expelling the Four Beast Warriors of Hell's spirits from Gurashie, Zero both killed the alien and saved Pigmon's life. After the battle, Zero reunited with his team members and finally understand the meaning behind his new powers. With that, they left the Monster Graveyard and gave their regards to Pigmon.







  • In behind the scenes, the filming staffs called the first revived monster quartet (Bemular, Telesdon, Gudon and Sadola) as the Browns, due to their shared body color.
  • After stepping on the unconscious Zero's helmet, Gurashie floats upwards once he detected Pigmon. This intermediate scene is absent in the third part of the original airing and is exclusive to the DVD release.
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