A New Light: Part 1 (新たなる光(前編) Aratanaru Hikari (Zenpen)) is the 1st episode of Ultraman Dyna.


The story begins when the two top trainees at Training Squad ZERO: Asuka and a local bully, compete on hand to hand combat in a man-ring. However, the bully quickly gains the advantage, so Asuka cheated by pretending that the instructor has just arrived. As soon as the bully turned around to salute to the non-existent instructor, Asuka was below him and jabbed him in the crotch using his fingers.

When the real instructor came, it was revealed that Super GUTS members Ryo and Kohda are here to demonstrate a first real-life squadron assault in outer space. However, only the best will survive since the Super GUTS members would be at the minor station before the trainees and shooting will begin even before the assault starts. After a brief and furious battle in which Asuka successfully tagged Ryo and Kohda, the Sphires appeared and began to assault the station. The trainees immedietly switched from practice to battle mode on the GUTS Wing 1, but Ryo had trouble with it since the computer malfunctioned. However, just when Ryo's craft was captured by the Sphires, Asuka rescued the member but was then gunned down himself. As Asuka drifted through space, he encountered a strange light before he fell into unconscious.

After Asuka woke up, he met with one of the member of Super GUTS: Mai. After Mai explains to him that he is Super GUTS' new member, he meets up with the rest of the team before they are dispatched on a mission to the TPC Mars Base, which was under attack from the Sphires. However, Asuka's recklessness gave the Sphire's monster: Darambia a chance to down his craft. After crashing and injuring the co-pilot Kouda, Asuka rushed out to defend the fallen craft. However, a strange light overtook him and transformed him into Ultraman Dyna. As soon as Dyna appeared, Darambia was blasted apart from the sheer amount of light created during the transformation! But Dyna's victory was not to be celebrated as Darambia's pieces drifted together into a new beast: Neo Darambia. Will this new giant of light be able to defend Earth?





  • Sphire (First appearance)
  • Darambia (First and only appearance)
    • Neo Darambia (First appearance)

DVD Release

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  • Ultraman Dyna Volume 1 Features Episodes 1-4.


  • The plot used in this episode would later be recycled for the first episode of Ultraman Gaia in 1998
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