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A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~ (新たなる戦い~ヴァージョンアップ・ファイト!~ Aratanaru Tatakai ~Vājon'appu Faito!~) is the twenty-seventh episode of Ultraman Gaia.


After Crisis was proven to be under control of Radical Destruction Bringer since day one, Alchemy Stars decided to shut down the system at once. Gamu had been training to keep up with Gaia’s increase of power and struggled with the idea of fighting alone, now that Fujimiya surrendered Agul’s power to him. Despite Fujimiya’s claim that he has nothing else to protect, on the contrary, he had also saved Gamu regardless of their ideals. Gamu briefly took the day off to visit his former campus and eventually relieving his hesitation for a moment.

Daniel contacted the Aerial Base that a program from Crisis escaped its shutdown to become a self-aware program. Ishimuro dubbed the program as Crisis Ghost in reference to its ghost-like feature from the supercomputer’s shutdown. Initially attacking GUARD Europa’s systems, the virus moved to invade Aerial Base, threatening to drop the airborne carrier off the ground once it finally finished infecting all systems. Georgie managed to save the base by having Atsuko use a homemade joystick to plant the antivirus. Before she can delete the last one, the surviving virus escaped Aerial Base.

Crisis Ghost moved to infect the Geo Base, specifically the F4 containment area where pieces of Apatee and Algyuros were preserved to use them as a physical body. These pieces form to reorganize into what appeared to be Ultraman Gaia, but Gamu explained that Chrisis Ghost used the stolen data of Gaia in Geo Base to transform into the fake Ultra while awaiting the real one. Team Lightning and Team Crow commenced attack, but Ogawara refused to fire despite being well aware of the giant as an impostor. His reasoning is that Gaia had rescued them multiple times; prompting Gamu to realize that he was never alone in his battles.

"I can’t shoot. Ultraman Gaia has saved my life many times. Gaia is one of us. He has fought with us all along. He is one of us."

―Satoshi Ogawara

When Crisis Ghost captured Ogawara’s XIG Fighter, Gamu transformed into Gaia to save the pilot. The two giants clash their beams; but the real Gaia managed to win and exposing bits of the impostor’s true form. The XIG Fighters continue the deed and finally revealing their opponent as a monster. Gaia was restrained by the monster, but XIG Fighters delay it for the Ultra to escape and once again resume Supreme Version to turn the tides of the battle.







Home Media

  • Ultraman Gaia Volume 7 features episodes 25-28.


  • This episode was later featured in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 83 "A New Battle! Gaia Version-up!".
  • This episode has a new battle theme play during the fight, Power of Gaia, this also plays in episode 30, 34, and 35.
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