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A Hero Appears (勇者立つ Yūsha Tatsu) is the second episode of Ultraman Gaia.


After his first battle as Ultraman Gaia, Gamu is brought onboard the Aerial Base and joins XIG upon his request. A new threat appears and XIG soon learns that not all enemies come from outer space.






  • Peace Carry
  • KCB Television Production Van
    • Relayer; Press NS-2; Toyota HIACE; Shinagawa 88 Se 20-02
  • XIG Fighters
    • Exciter (x2)
      • One in Container Mode only
    • Sky Surfer (at least x2)
      • At least one in Container Mode only
    • Sky Gainer (at least x7)
      • At least five in Container Mode only
  • Seagull-Floater (at least x7)
    • At least one in Container Mode only
  • MLRS-Bison (at least x6)
    • At least four in Container Mode only

Home Media

Ultraman Gaia Volume 1 features episodes 1-4.

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