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A Challenge from the Deep Sea (深海からの挑戦 Shinkai karano Chōsen) is the ninth episode of Fireman.


Explosion of an undersea volcano awaken the carnivorous dinosaurs Nerogiras. Savage Nerogiras closer to Japan, while the monster Kuiarashi other, in search of food. SR-type deep-sea research boat ride Tadokoro Dr. towards the study also vanished. Is a teacher, to know the behavior of Nerogirasu from the report left by Dr., Cape tries to avenge Dr. met in loco parentis was lured to mine source Nerogirasu by flowing voice speakers.









Gudon as he appears in Fireman.

  • Gudon appears in the ocean and battles Nerogiras. Gudon's carcass is later seen floating on the ocean with half of its body's bones exposed, which is because Nerogiras ripped the stomach part off of Gudon.
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