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AIB (Alien Investigation Bureau) is a defense team that appeared in the 2017 Ultraman Series, Ultraman Geed.


AIB's logo

The aim of the organization is to investigate illegal aliens on Earth, especially those who carry any illegal objects and arrest aliens that have committed crimes. Their overall mission is to restore peace and order to space.


Ultraman Geed

AIB was created after the Crisis Impact incident by several alien races, for the sole goal of restoring order to the universe. As of the moment, Moa is the only human member of the organization and all others mimic human form when in public.


Zena Alien Shadow.png

Main article: Zenna

Zenna (ゼナ) is an Alien Shadow that was formerly a drillmaster on his home planet, Planet Shadow. After defecting at an unknown point in the past, he came to lead AIB.


Main article: Moa Aizaki

Moa Aizaki (愛崎 萌亜モア Aizaki Moa) is a childhood friend of Riku Asakura. She and him used to play together. Now, she works as an agent for AIB, along with her partner Zenna. She hides her true job by also being a sales manager at Nico Nico Life Insurance.


Main article: Tri-Tip

Tri-Tip (トリィ=ティプ Torī-Tipu) is an Alien Pitt who joined the AIB after losing her pet Eleking.

Former Members

Alien Shadow Kuruto True.jpg

Main article: Kuruto

Kuruto (クルト) is an Alien Shadow who was taught to fight by Zenna as a member of the Gabra Cano, Kuruto arrived on Earth and was infuriated by how his superior had chosen not to follow the race's plans to invade Earth. Becoming a temporary member of AIB, he unleashed the bioweapon Zegun to attack humanity, only to be killed when Zegun was destroyed by Geed and Zero.


Godo-Wynn (ゴドー=ウィン Godō Win) is a member of the Godola race that sought to infiltrate AIB to steal Little Stars, which he planned to use to benefit his kind. Arriving on Earth with a subordinate, he joined AIB as a temporary member until his plan was foiled by Laiha Toba. Growing giant, Goddo-Wyn rampaged through Tokyo before Geed came to confront him. The two fought until Goddo-Wyn was suddenly confronted by Ultraman Belial, who killed him in cold blood. Following Goddo-Wyn's death, his subordinate was rounded up by Zenna and deported back to his home planet.


  • AIB is the first major organization in an Ultraman Series not created by humans, nor primarily staffed by humans.
  • AIB is an example of a monster defense team which isn't based around scientific research; rather, its ethos is based around investigating suspicious aliens. As a result, the standard-issue handguns given to AIB members are used for self-defense rather than as front line weaponry.
  • Their base of operations appeared to be underground, and is accessed by a teleportation system, similar to REM's base.
  • AIB is likely a spoof to the Men in Black franchise.
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