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5 Seconds Before Bombing (爆撃、5秒前 Bakugeki, Gobyō Mae) is the sixth episode of Ultraman Max.


Red King rampages, while DASH must keep the island from colliding from Japan. Their plan is desperate, and makes the situation much more urgent.


Continuing where the last episode left off, Paragler prepares to fight Max, but is subdued by Pigmon. Sean works on repairing the second DASH Bird, while Elly discovers that if the island collides with Japan, everything within a 200 kilometer radius would be destroyed. Mizuki finds the archeologist in DASH bird 1 and discovers that Kaito went to search for her.

Red King returns, and engages Paragler, while Chief Kenzo informs Captain Shigeru Hijikata of the UDF's decision to bomb the island, and tells them they have one hour to leave.

Pigmon revives Kaito, while the DASH team tries to rescue the two left on the island. Sean works on repairing the DASH Bird 1, while Pigmon reveals how long ago Red King was sealed by aliens, who left a Pigmon to hold the seal: the statue previously broken. However, the missile intended to destroy the island is preparing for launch.

Paragler bravely struggles against Red King, but is no match and is eventually destroyed. Mizuki tells Kaito of the missile, but Pigmon refuses to come with them. Koba and Sean retreat with the archeologist under the orders of Captain Hijikata. Meanwhile, Pigmon runs to act as a decoy and allow the remaining two to escape.

Kaito saves him, and in the ensuing chase Mizuki is conveniently knocked out. Kaito transforms. The missile launcher begins countdown: two minutes. Max manages to knock Red King down and carries him to space, destroying him there. Despite Kaito's plea, Pigmon refuses to come with them as they depart with one minute left, and waves them goodbye. Kaito and Mizuki fly off.

Pigmon mounts the pedestal where his companion had stood before him, and turns to stone. The island vanishes, ten seconds before the missile launch. The launch is aborted, and all five members of DASH, along with the one civilian, return to base. Elly manages a smile.





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  • Ultraman Max Volume 2 features episodes 3-6.
  • The episode was premiered on American television by TOKU on March 1, 2017
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