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"Paradise" courier (「楽園」配達人 'Rakuen' haitatsunin) is a mysterious character that appeared in episode 6 of the horror drama Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.

Subtitle: None


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

A mysterious character. It uses the electricity produced by the underground society to exchange the necessary food and necessities with the people on the ground. The underground people do not know her origins and gender (the end of this episode can know that this episode is a woman) and the purpose is unknown, alone or multi action is unknown.

It will also be a guide to "people who want to go to the 'Paradise'", to guide them to the underground world. It was a professional fighter, but on the ground it disguised as a clumsy female staff member. In the episode, it defeated the Mouse Catchers that attacked Sakamoto was and helped him to escape from the "Paradise". It then took the opportunity to delete the photos taken by Sakamoto in the "Paradise", hiding the evidence.


  • Actor: Kei Ishibashi.
  • In the comic version, it saved the lost Ryo and Hiromi.


  • Height: Human-like
  • Weight: Human-like
  • Origin: Unknown
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